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So I came across someone's neocities website and as I looked at their website, it linked to other ppls neocities site. I decided to sign up and give it a go bc this is the closest thing to how myspace, xanga,asianavenue,and asiaroom was where you can design your own page and socialize with other members.It's sad how everything died out.I like it bc you can design your own site the way you want to. I've seen alot of ppls neocities and boy they are very creative and neat :]

I'm still refreshing my memory on how to do html coding so bare with me.

Don't forget to sign my cbox before you leave

I miss the old social sites like these(Myspace,Xanga,AsianAvenue,Asiantown,AsiaRoom(Yes I am Asian lol). It's just the excitement of logging into your account to see if you have a new message, new comments, or new guestbook entry. It was fun creating pages although I suck back then with HTML. Its sad once I started learning it, the social sites died down.I remember having AOL and MSN and I would chat with new friends I met online.It was so fun back then.Now they got cookie cutters social sites like facebook and instagram where you can't customize anything at all.Back then everyone was so active with making a website and customizing it now ppl are just plain and boring on their phones hahaha.

Changed the layout form for my contact form and it's muddafuckin cute af. I didn't know you can change the look of the form.I only knew you could add background pics to the textarea and change the border color.Email me loves <3

Added a contact form.If you want to email me, feel free to fill out my contact form

I got my image map navi links working and my page jumps working

I changed my scrollbar color.I tried to make it look like the old school style.I also added a background image to my cbox and changed the colors of my cbox form.I tried to change the scrollbar color for my cbox but I have to upgrade to change it :[.I added a gif image of Namine when you right click.I will update more later.

I am so indecisive with just one layout. I litterally just had a sora layout yesterday then I looked at my download folder and found this layout and fell in love with it.The original was super small so I made it bigger.The content box is big by itself so I added another div box to put my cbox in.I still need add links.I will update more later.

Hey Yall.I am going to give a list of sites that has premade layouts.
Createblog - This is a good site bc it has a ton of variety layouts to choose from and the best part is that it's already coded for you
Celestial-Star- Variety of Anime layouts(have to download layout)
LovelyD- Variety of Anime layoust(have to download layout)
Adammcquaid-This website has a bunch of variety layouts to choose from.It has celebrities,preppy, cute, and anime layouts.
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