Welcome to my personal website. I miss coding so I made a neocities account in 2020.Here I post about what I like, blog about my life, and I even give out web resources(from other sites) to help build your website.Enjoy your stay and don't forget to leave your mark on my cbox.



09/29/22 ♥ New affies: Prism-Snow and Dorkistic 09/27/22 ♥ Added more resource sites to my resource section 09/04/22 ♥ Changed my layout to a autumn theme


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9.4.22 Layout Finally Updated

I made a Autumn theme layout well with Kayla's wonderful stylesheet. It was really fun and time consuming but what can I say I love and miss coding sooooooo much. It's not the best but hey I made it all by myself without photoshop.


Occupation:Office Assistant/Fast Food Crew member
Likes:Computers,Coding,Iced Coffee,Fall/Winter season
Dislikes:Ignorant ppl, know it alls, racists, nosey ppl
Show genre:Anime, True Crime Documentaries, K-Drama, Mysteries, Paranormal
Podcast genre:True Crime

To Do List

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Hey Yall.I am going to give a list of sites that has premade layouts.

Createblog - This is a good site bc it has a ton of variety layouts to choose from and the best part is that it's already coded for you

Celestial-Star- Variety of Anime layouts(have to download layout)

LovelyD- Variety of Anime layoust(have to download layout)

Adammcquaid-This website has a bunch of variety layouts to choose from.It has celebrities,preppy, cute, and anime layouts.

Sadgrl-This website has a lot of resources to help build your website

blanketfort-This website has web materials, pixel items and it's a super cute site!

Prism Snow-This website has wallpapers, headers, premade blogger layouts, icons, and psd

LoveBlush -This website has mulitple resources stylesheets,decos,psds, and tutorials. CSS CODES<--- Click for code turtorials


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LoveBlush-style sheet
anne-box - fall dividers, buttons, background, acorn for my contact form
anime background- anime fall season background
Image color picker-color picker
pixlr-photo edit
deviantart-Anime girl render
imgbb-Image Hosting
opendrive-Music Hosting
Formspree-Contact form
sugaa-pixels for contact form
wallpapercave-anime girl background for my contact form

Old Version

Here are old version layouts that I used for my site. All of them were premade layouts from resource sites. They are all clickable to view the full size of the image

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